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Descendants of Johann Conrad Eitelmann (1731-1795)
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How To Contribute

Steve StockdaleWe have a number of ways you can make your own contributions to this Eitelman family web site effort. We don't want to lay a guilt trip on you or anything, but as you enjoy reading, looking and participating with the site, perhaps you'll become motivated to get involved. Even if it's nothing more than confirming a date, or adding name, or correcting an error, we really do appreciate whatever time and activity you can offer for the cause.

If you're curious to know who I am and what I'm doing here, click here to read about how this site came about.

Message Board

Make yourself at home on the Eitelman Message Board, a great resource for maintaining family-wide communication, research, questions, announcements, etc.

"Quality Control Inspector"

As you might imagine with an undertaking like this, the opportunities for well-intentioned but understandable errors are many. You can provide a tremendous benefit by making us aware of errors such as:
  • misspelled names
  • incorrect or missing dates
  • omitted spouses and siblings
  • incorrectly identified people in photographs
  • assorted and sundry facts, numbers, statements, etc.
On just about every page, there ought to be a link at the bottom to send mail to the webmaster@eitelman.net. Please use it as needed - and remember to include enough information so that we'll know what you're talking about, which page you're on, etc.


You can't have too many photos - especially the old ones. If you don't have access to a scanner - I do! If you have digital images ready to go, there are several different options for getting them uploaded.

Stories, Anecdotes, Personality Portraits, Events, Accomplishments

Probably the tastiest and most tantalizing bread crumbs we can scatter for those who will follow are the oral histories of stories, family trivia, personalities, etc. The photos are wonderful in themselves, but to know something more than what's captured in the image is to get an insight into the perspectives of the times. While we might not all have original photos or documents or keepsakes in our possessions, each of us has our own experiences and memories. Let's share them.

Create a Page for Your Ancestor, Yourself or Your Family

If you'd like to create a special page, let me know what you want and I'm sure we can accommodate it. One advantage of hosting a full-fledged web site instead of the commercial sites is that we are (virtually) unlimited in the space we can use or pages we can add.

Genealogical Information

The purpose of this site is to display and present our family history in a web-friendly format, rather than conforming to standardized formats such as GEDCON and others. If you're interested in standard file formats, please contact ___________. However, we do want to provide as much meaningful genealogical information as possible, so if you have something to add about related families and ancestors, please do.

Suggest Links

Do you already have a family site? Or a family business, organization, church or school that you want to publicize? Send us the links that are important to you and we'll post them on our Links page.

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