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Michael and Andreas Eitelmann Michael and Andreas

Michael (1822-1896) and Andreas (1839-1911) Eitelmann were the first-born and last-born males of Johann Georg Eitelmann and Elizabeth Bähr. Raised in the Bavarian village of Ruchheim (west of Heidelberg) with five sisters and four other brothers, the two emigrated to the United States in 1852. After settling in Cleveland, Ohio, it's believed they sent for their two youngest sisters and Anna Maria Stohler, also from Ruchheim, who married Michael in Cleveland on May 7, 1853. No records are available as to what happened to the two sisters upon arriving in the United States.

Michael and Anna had three children - Michael Andrew (1855-1943), George Lewis (1856-1916), and a baby girl who died along with Anna during childbirth in 1857. A year later, Michael married Helena Weiderruf.

Andreas (or Andrew) married Louisa Korell in 1866, who gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1867. Louisa died the following year. Andreas married Christina Miller in 1869, with whom he had two sons - William Andrew (1870-1905) and Gustavus Adolphis (1873-1910). Andreas and Christina divorced in 1877, after which Andreas married Sophia Tielke.

From 1852 to

Since emigrating to America 150 years ago, the Eitelman's now count one less "n", but over 200 new descendants. This site attempts to document their lives and preserve their legacies in facts, photos and stories. We welcome your contributions - please click here to find how.

Primary contributors thus far have been Jay Eitelman, Christine Hindle, and Steve Stockdale. Special recognition is due Bill Walton, Director of Neighborhood Promotion for the Fairmount Neighborhood Association, who has done much research into the houses on College Avenue in Fort Worth. Und Wir müssen Frau Monique Fowler denken für much of what we know about our German connections.

We very much encourage your participation and look forward to your contributions. If you have photos, stories, facts, and figures to share, or if you'd like to create your own pages for yourself, your family, or a special ancestor, please contact der Meister Webber.

Andreas (Andrew) and grandson William Andrew Elizabeth Christine Wölfle and child Wallace and Bruce Gilchrist Ed and Mary Eitelman Michael Sr.

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